With a passion

for quality, and a hate of all things bad, we started our company to ensure that your customers can get pure quality E-juice / E-liquid for their E-cigarettes. Our liquids, produced from only the purest ingredients, all of which have already been tested and approved by the food and pharmaceutical industries governing bodies in both Europe and USA. This turned us quickly into the largest retailer of e-liquids in Scandinavia.

Ejuice International is

now the #1 producer of e-juice for electronic cigarettes in Sweden and we aim to be the largest in Europe. Not only because of our extremely high quality products, but also because of our passion for eliminating all the bad and suspect e-liquids on the market.

We started

out in July 2012 with a very small staff, a meager budget and only a few great tastes, but quickly realized that there was a much larger demand for our chemical and additive free e-liquids than we could ever have imagined.
From a team of 2 in a small laboratory, we have grown gradually, into a well reputed and trusted brand, who are making sure that our many customers get their products on time, every time.
We are focused and always trying to stay one-step ahead of our competitors by providing an unrivalled range of excellent quality products.

Nenas AB
We are Scandinavia’s leading
E-juice Company for electronic cigarettes

Happy Vaping
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Paul Chivers & Snezana Veljkovic
Nenas AB – Ejuice International